“The more you see yourself as what you’d like to become, and act as if what you want is already there, the more you’ll activate those dormant forces that will collaborate to transform your dream into your reality.” ~ Wayne Dyer

The late Godfather of Soul Wisdom, Wayne Dyer said the words, “I AM” connect us directly to the God Source.

The power of what we tell ourselves, and the words we use to define us, are greatly underestimated in our modern world.

I know from personal experience, it’s incredibly easy to fall into the trap of imposing completely unnecessary limitations on our lives, without even being aware of what we’re doing.

How are you?

How many times each day do you find yourself answering that question?

Our responses have become as politely flippant as the question itself in most instances. Both parties generally utter these expected social pleasantries in that subconscious, robotic act of etiquette, with little thought to the actual exchange that’s occurring. And with no real thought as to the energy created through that dialogue.

More often than not, we use “I AM” to complain about the things in our reality we’re not happy with.

  • I AM tired.
  • I AM fed up.
  • I AM frustrated.
  • I AM depressed/anxious/stressed…
  • I AM struggling to sleep at night.
  • I AM so miserable about my life right now.
  • I AM constantly comfort eating.
  • I AM so sick of work.
  • I AM never going to lose weight.
  • I AM never going to find a partner.

It’s an observation, not a criticism

This is in no way an indictment on the human race. It’s a simple fact of our modern world. We’ve all become so preoccupied with just trying to get by, and functioning within cultural and societal expectations that it’s incredibly challenging to take back control of our words.

When we’re living in a ‘less than ideal’ reality, in the midst of circumstances we desperately want to change, it’s understandable that we think these limiting I AM’s…

However if we seek transformation on any meaningful level in life, to rise beyond the shackles and confines of social mores, into the “more” of who we are, we must acknowledge that our words, thoughts, feelings, behaviours and circumstances at any given time, are all interconnected and aligned.

Hence, when we use these limiting I AM statements on a daily basis, we inadvertently set ourselves up in a vicious cycle.

I can hear you!

You see, whatever or whoever you tell the Universe you believe you are, is what the Universe will reflect right back at you.

This is because at the very foundation of our connectedness to source, lies pure, unconditional trust – we are meant to trust in the Universe to provide, and the Universe trusts us to know who we are, and what we need to further our path and our purpose.

So when you declare – I AM…the Universe is listening. It’s waiting to deliver up what you need to be THAT! To be your “I AM”!

How do you change the reflection that is your reality? Logically, you change your words.

Words carry great power, and an energy resonance that speaks directly to Source/Spirit/Universe. So…

  1. Choose your words wisely!

Think before you speak. Is the next sentence off your tongue going to affirm your power in that moment…your magic and your worth? Will it be “I AM…followed by a declaration of your abundant health /wealth /vitality /energy /love /happiness /soul expansion?

Remember, you are not beholden to respond automatically to anyone for the sake of polite chitchat. Take your time, be in the moment as a conscious creator and tell the Universe who or what you want to be…even if it’s not necessarily true for you right now.

Because if you believe it, so too does the Universe!

   2. Be aware of your “I AM” patterns!

Think about the types of “I AM” declarations you’ve been making and the messages you’re currently sending out. Are they honouring you at your most authentic level, or keeping you bound to a reality that no longer serves you?

  1. Break your “I AM” habit!

Draw a line down the middle of a blank piece of paper. On one side, write the limiting I AM statements you’re currently using and want to change. On the other, write the opposing I AM that you would like to make your reality…

For instance, “I AM always tired”…becomes….”I AM vibrantly healthy and have more energy than I need!”

  1. Sing it sister!

Tell the Universe! Look at the positive affirmations you’ve listed, sit with each one, breathe deeply down through your heart space and into your sacral chakra, and with your hand on your heart space, speak those words out loud, with feeling!

  1. Share your “I AM’s” around!

Speak your new I AM list every morning and night, and borrow from it whenever you’re asked that question – “How are you?”

Now…watch your world change!

Start your new “I AM” habit right now! Tell me in the comments…I AM…

If you feel it’s time to change the reality you’ve stumbled into…time to change your I AM story and live the life you long to enjoy…time to live in your passion and purpose, EVERY SINGLE DAY, as the incredible magic maker you are…

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  1. Tricia Brown 2 years ago

    I loved this article! Wow! So well written and contains very important and completely True information to be living the life you want and to be the person you truly want to be.

    • brond 2 years ago

      Thank you Tricia! So pleased you found it informative! xo

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