One of my incarnations is the storyteller. So let me tell you a story…of sorts…

Once upon a time, as all good stories start…you were a child.

The world was an awe-inspiring kaleidoscope of colours, textures, flavours, visual feasts in all forms, and an assault of rapid-fire change in your perceptions of reality and how you related to those within it.

New experiences flooded your singular, insular world incessantly, and because you were completely present in those moments and genuinely connecting with them, no filters or obstacles got in the way of your mind’s expansion, which was happening in every one of those moments.

Your imagination was free to soar. And you allowed it to. You daydreamed and laughed with abandon. You felt giddy and high on life. You were learning what made you, YOU, and how you responded to different feelings – happy, sad, loved, in love, frightened, courageous. You were learning to discern between the feelings that you wanted more of, and those you’d rather experience to a lesser degree in your life.

You were learning how to be the master of the reality you wanted to create. Because that is your superpower as a human being – that is what differentiates us from other species – humans are not only connected to the eternal source of creation (as is every other living being on this planet), but we are also a direct reflection of that creative source. We have been given the power of WILL to create in the same vain as the sacred All. To help create and shape our own reality! What an incredible Gift!

Yet, somehow…as you grew older, you started to disconnect from that infinite creative source within. Usually this occurs through a series of ‘trauma’ experiences that cause an accumulation of ‘fear’ triggers. More than we would normally experience.

These fear triggers create a chemical cocktail in our brains, and invariably start taking out different neural pathways and receptors…shutting them down with literal energy blockers that over time, become associated with different ‘real world’ messages and context.

For instance, if you experience a fear trigger when you hear your parents argue, and their argument is about money, the energy blockages and leaks forming around that fear trigger will translate in your reality to – “Money is bad”…a common contextual inner block when you live in a scarcity mindset.

Many things help to establish and feed these fear triggers, which in turn set off the internal barrage of “I’m unworthy”, self-limiting and deeply subconscious dialogue.

It can be as seemingly insignificant as feeling shamed in a classroom full of your peers because you answered a question wrong, and everyone laughed at you. Or as serious as being the victim of some form of abuse.

Whatever it is that picks apart at the seams of your internal trust, and keeps triggering those fear-based blockages, the outcome will always be similar for everyone.

Dis-ease is the word we use today obviously in more scientifically grounded contexts, such as the physiological, psychological and emotional.

We call this dis-ease all sorts of names, depending on how it manifests in our life. Anxiety and depression have become such commonplace diagnoses these days for example, I’m amazed there’s not more done to uncover the actual reasons for this manifestation of dis-ease, rather than slapping band aids on the symptoms to no avail.

After all, the root cause is virtually the same in every instance, and very much logical. You see, the ongoing trauma/fear trigger cycles we experience cause a type of spiritual dis-ease. And when I say fear…I also mean the associated feelings of shame, guilt, self-loathing and self-recrimination.

Spiritual dis-ease is by far the most compelling reason to seek to address these trauma/fear triggers in our life. Because the intriguing thing is, when we address the underlying spiritual dis-ease, which is actually an energy disconnect from our creative source (the natural state of being we are meant to live each moment in), we assume the power to affect everything else in our reality, in the ways that will most benefit us.

When we heal our spiritual dis-ease (and reconnect to creative source), our physical, mental and emotional dis-ease naturally shifts. Because we have re-aligned with our creative energy and re-assumed power over our own reality, and what we choose to make it.

How do you know when you’re not aligned with that true creative source of the sacred All within? Well, life becomes a struggle.

• You experience chronic, recurring health issues.
• You end up in a dead end job that feels like it’s leaching the life out of you.
• You become surrounded by negative people with self-serving agendas.
• You end up in loveless relationships with narcissists who have zero emotional intelligence.
• You feel like no one in your world really gives much of a shit about you, unless you’re fulfilling their every want and need.
• You feel guilty, or ashamed, or selfish whenever you try to take a stand in your life and make it better.
• You keep wishing things could be different, but you’ve been stuck in victim mode for so long, you can’t get out of your own way to make any meaningful, lasting change happen.
• You have virtually given up trying to find answers to the problems in your life, and pretty much decided this is just your lot forever. So suck it up Buttercup!

I’m here to tell you though…your story doesn’t have to end like some Shakespearean tragedy! Urgh…I did an entire semester on Shakespeare at Uni – that guy was either laughing at life like a madman or in a deep well of depression. There was no in between for the Bard!

Let me lay some truth on you here…I don’t know if you ever got to read Choose Your Own Adventure books when you were a kid? They were these awesome books where you read a few pages, and were then prompted to make the decision as to where the story would go next, based on two different plot line options. So, depending on the direction you wanted the story to take, you’d turn to Page 55 or Page 78…where two different outcomes would obviously play out.

That’s what life really is – a Choose Your Own Adventure! You can keep turning the page to that crappy ending every time, or you can turn it to a happier one. The choice is, as the title implies – Your Own!

It may not seem like it when you’re bogged down in that spiritual dis-ease, but that is the almighty, liberating truth about life! And all it takes is one decision. One decision to commit to the change and then act hastily to make it happen!

If you’re ready to make the decision, commit to it and take action, we need to talk!

My soul purpose in this lifetime as a Health, Wealth & Life Empowerment Practitioner, is to help women reconnect with their creative source and empower themselves to make magic literally happen, as they shape their own, beautiful reality.

If you’re ready to choose your own adventure…CLICK HERE to book your free breakthrough session with me. I’ve managed to find a few limited spaces in my calendar for the next week or two, so get cracking and turn that new page for your life now!

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  1. Justin 2 years ago

    Is this simply for women? I only ask because I feel that deep down this resonates within me. I feel like I’m constantly reasserting my own reality and consistently get attacked by the background of thoughts related to mortality and my own limitations in the position I have perceived for myself given the lesson learned in my experiences(and as a general rule: it’s hard to unlearn something). If I don’t apply to this, then it’s just as well. I appreciate taking time out of your day to read this, and hope it wasn’t to wasteful

    • Author
      Bron Lea 2 years ago

      Hi Justin. I appreciate you asking the question and sharing the challenges you’re currently facing. Although I predominantly work with women, I have also helped men on their journey, and the techniques I use can be applied in anyone’s life. Feel free to contact me if you want to chat further…

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