One of the things I am unapologetically honest about these days is my intention to call in financial abundance. Or…let’s make a shit tonne of money!

I’m going to pause there for a moment…let me say that again…

We should all be making a ridiculous amount of money!

There…I said it. We can and should demand more MONEY in our lives!

How are you feeling right now? How are all of those statements – those bold, empowered statements about money, sitting with you?

If you’re anything like I used to be, you’re probably cringing, and thinking, “Hmmmm, this chick is talking about making money! I don’t trust that greedy bitch! Money is the root of all evil, and here she is claiming to be spiritual and talking about sacred energy, and blah, blah, blah? What the actual fuck???”

Let’s pause for a minute here; because I want you to tell yourself something right now…here goes…say it out loud…

Piss off Nancy! I’m worth it!

Say it again now, one more time with me, and with feeling – scream it if you have to, and don’t care who’s listening (unless it’s small children…I’ll let you use your discretion there)…

Piss off Nancy! I’m worth it!

I used to think that way. I used to think only inauthentic people wanted to be rich, because “MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL” – it’s controlled and manipulated by horrible people, in positions of power, who do horrible things with that money.

So whenever I saw someone calling in abundance and enjoying a nice, comfortable life (even if they were using some of their money to make the world a little brighter and better), I would immediately either distrust them or think there must be something shady about their agenda.

What that thought actually reflected however, was my scarcity mindset, borne from years of seeing my parents struggle and argue about money. In our home, as a child growing up, there was never enough – that was the message I heard.

And money caused people who allegedly loved one anther to act as though they in fact, detested and resented one other.

Money was no good.

That was the message I grew up hearing in my formative years – when Negative Nancy was making herself at home in my influential mind, and laying the foundations to keep me safe and small, with limiting thoughts triggered by different fear experiences.

Logically though, money is not a source or a force of evil. Money is simply another form of energy, floating through our current reality…as CURRENCY.

The kicker!

A life changing revelation comes when you realise that we are all capable of attracting and using that currency – that energy – to make our current reality a lot less stressful, and a lot more abundant, so that we have more (limitless!) energy to share with others.

Because the thing is – and listen closely here – you cannot really give of yourself in the way you might seek to (in order to bring healing to the world around you), when you are lacking…because you are living in a scarcity mindset.

Rebooting your money mindset

The fascinating thing about how this whole energy trip works, is that when you feel like you’re lacking in one area of your life, you’ll end up lacking in all areas.

It’s because of that Negative Nancy Ninja – the self-belittling belief fairy who flutters around in your brain, planting the seeds to keep you in a cesspool of sameness and mediocrity.

If you’re someone who is drawn to sacred energy practices for healing and revitalizing those who need a spiritual reboot and/or reconnect, but you have a scarcity Negative Nancy Ninja popping up to sabotage your growth, you’ll eventually be operating on an empty tank.

And then you’ll need your own reboot. You’ll keep running low on energy, finding it challenging to maintain consistency in what you do and how you do it.

The bright side

The good news is, when you recognise that your money blocks are not warranted on any spiritual level, everything will change for you.

Let’s get radically real here…God, the Universe, the source of sacred creation – there’s no judgment in any of those places when it comes to you calling in more money.

You’re just calling in another form of energy as far as ‘they’ are concerned! It’s just that this particular form of energy, of currency that (let’s face it!) connects us all on this earthly plane at this time, comes in the form of dollars and cents, or pounds, or, yen…you get the idea.

And the TRUTH shall set you free!

Recognising this absolute truth – which it is! – paves the way for you to finally kick that nagging, Negative Nancy and her bullshit about money being BAD…in the butt!

You can kill off that opinionated, no good nagging be-atch for good and free yourself from her shackles of shit-dom that are keeping you out of your brilliant, creative abundance!

Do I want to make lots of money? Hell YES! Because the more I have, the more I have to share with others. I have BIG plans and BIG plans to change the world, requires a BIG investment…because that’s the reality we live in.

So…I am more than happy to create a richly abundant financial reality for myself. Because then I am free to dream bigger, create more and share the love I have for this planet and its people on an EPIC scale!

Should I apologise for my plans to build inclusive schools and communities around the world? Uhhh…NOPE! What about for wanting to make my life and the life of my family fuller with opportunity, and freedom from financial stress and strain? HELL NO!

And neither should you!

Call me…call me now…

If you’re struggling with an inner Negative Nancy Ninja who’s

  • Keeping you out of your abundance flow AND
  • Stomping all over your hopes and dreams with her scare tactics about how you’ll fail if you try to make more money AND
  • Reminding you all the time that you’re simply not worth it AND
  • Telling you money is evil anyways and you’re a greedy bitch for wanting more money…

It’s time to evict that No-good Naysayer from the home she’s set up in your head! Don’t accept her as a permanent resident! The longer she settles in, the longer she’ll keep that door to your creative flow and abundance channel closed.

If you’re tired of:

  • Arguing about money with your partner or spouse
  • Struggling to pay your bills
  • Never charging what you’re actually worth in your business
  • Volunteering your time and having others abuse your generosity
  • Haggling with clients or your boss about your hourly rates
  • Feeling like a fraud because you just can’t make this money thing happen for you…

We should talk…

In one complimentary clarity call, we will seek out, expose and shake up those sneaky little Negative Nancy Ninjas to help you break free of her bullshit once and for all!

I hope you do this for yourself today. Because it’s really time to stop settling for a life you’re not empowered in and a reality you’re not controlling.

You should be steering your future direction, not Nancy! So let’s get you back control of that wheel and point you in the direction of your best, on purpose life!

I have a made a few spaces available in my calendar to have a chat…

So…if you’re really READY (and DEAD-SET SERIOUS) to take back your power, reignite your life’s passion and skyrocket your self-confidence, wellbeing, relationships and bank balance to lofty new heights, click the link to secure your time now…

Let’s align the currency of money with your own creative energy and soul source! Because YOU ARE SO WORTH IT!

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