Self Reflection – Meditation Immersion Morning 3

Self Reflection –

Meditation Immersion Morning 3

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Welcome to the Day 3 of our 6 for 7 Meditation Immersion!

If you missed Day One &/or Two, you can find them here…

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Day 2 – Self Contemplation Meditation– click to listen..

I suggest you listen to Day 1 & 2, before moving on to Day 3…

Once more, this meditation is not quite the short, sweet 6 minute or thereabouts audio I promised you. What can I say?…sigh…I’m going with it and flowing with it at this point.

🙏 Take A Moment – to Reflect 🙏

As you may or may not know, the last 48 hours have seen me bear witness to the transition of a beloved friend, whose human experience was cut short this morning, as she transitioned on from this earthly plane…

We don’t like to acknowledge and talk about “death” very much. It’s something steeped in mystery and often shrouded in the grief we feel when we lose the human experience of a person we love and connect with. The loss our “human” experiences, overwhelms us…all the emotions…the memories, and the pain of feeling we’ve somehow been abandoned by that person. They’ve left us here…trying to cope with the loss of them in our world. Death is almost an affront to our human self, to be quietly whispered about and apologised for.

So we shy away from talking about it.

But in reality…death happens ALL the time – in and around us. Death and rebirth are constants in the space we occupy. We are simply unaware of it consciously, until it affronts our human self with that profound sense of loss we feel, at the passing of a loved one.

We are right to feel that loss so profoundly…because it means our human experience with that person was felt so profoundly…we loved deeply and dearly.

But to hang onto and cling to that loss indefinitely, is to suggest that person’s death was meaningless. To grieve as though they are lost forever…is to focus so much on the “death” – the loss of the human experience with that beloved person, that we forget to see the “birth”…

“Death” is simply another form of inevitable “Change”.

For the Spirit that decides it’s time to travel back to the eternal home for a spell, and have a rest between the infinite cycle of full, rich, abundant human experiences, that transition is perfect and glorious – a thing to be celebrated.

Yes…my human will most definitely miss my beloved friend’s human…but I saw her Spirit wink at me right next to the radiant full moon last night. And my Spirit bid her Spirit safe and swift travels, for a peaceful journey home. A well deserved rest for her Soul.

This meditation is intended to connect you further with your own Spirit Self…to revel and cherish that within, and to become more conscious of Her as you walk through your day…to look in the mirror and see the Miracle of you…the magic waiting to be unleashed…and to honour Her…

🌈 Make It A Moment In The Morning 🌈

If at all possible, try to create the opportunity to

engage with this meditation first thing in the morning.

Being more aware of your how your energy is shifting and responding to the physical experience of your reality, is a powerful way to align more deeply with the vast, expansive creative life force of limitless potential within!

🦄 Get Yourself Ready 🦄

Here are some tips to help you make the most of this moment you’re taking, for mindful meditation…

☀️ 1.Do it first thing in the morning.I cannot stress how highly effective this is in being much more aware of how you walk through your days. Most people switch into autopilot from that sleep state, as soon as the alarm goes off.

What they don’t realise is this is a waste of valuable theta waves! You are in a trance like state in those first moments of consciousness in the morning. You can use this time to literally “program” your mind to perform optimally throughout your day, as you go about creating your reality.

Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier for this meditation and allow yourself that beautiful moment as you wake to a new day of potential and possibility.

😎 2. Wear headphones. It’s so much easier to follow along and pull yourself back to my voice as I guide you, when you use earbuds or headphones. Have your listening device and headphones at the ready, so you can grab them without rousing yourself too much, as soon as you wake up.

When your mind starts to wander – and it will! – don’t panic and think you’re getting it all wrong, because you’re not achieving an ultimate state of Zen. Just acknowledge and allow the thoughts to come and go, and bring your awareness back to my voice.

✍️ 3. Journal and reflect.After you’ve finished taking this moment in the morning, allow a few minutes to “free write”. Grab a journal and just start letting the pen do its thing with the paper. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar or even making sense.

You might be surprised what you discover…including a deepening awareness and connection, the more you make meditation a habitual daily practice.

🎉 4. Enjoy! Just let the process evolve as its meant to, and as you’re ready. Everyone’s journey with meditation is entirely unique. Don’t compare your’s to anyone else’s and don’t think there’s a “right” or “wrong”. Whatever you’re doing, will be perfect for you in that moment. Go with it!


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