Why The First Step On The Healing Journey Is Often The Hardest

When we decide to take that step – when we make that conscious choice – that it’s time for us to resume control of our life and take back our personal power…an interesting thing happens…

This dude drops by to say, “Hi!”

A little voice…an inner naysayer…a self sabotaging critic pops up, taps you on the shoulder and whispers…

“Psst…hey…are you sure you want to do that? Really? Because that means climbing on board that old, rickety ghost train and exploring some of those well worn tracks in your mind.

“The ones you shut down and haven’t traversed for a long time, because they didn’t have the most appealing views, remember? Y’know – those past events that caused you just a bit of distress, dis-ease and drama at the time…”

It’s uncanny how this guy knows exactly what you’re thinking and feeling at any given moment. Truly. But then, he is your unconscious mind.

You see, when you determine to step out of your “comfort zone” – the mental, emotional and physical states that feel safe to us because they’re familiar and habitual – your unconscious mind (the rather vocal dude wielding all the power up there…around 95% of whatcha do every day to be exact) – kicks up a stink.

He’s like, “Hang on a minute…I can feel some of those old feelings of fear creeping in. Feelings associated with old memories and experiences. What are you thinking? What are you…? Wait! WTF?!…I’ve been protecting you from your past all this time, and now you want to go back there?”

As soon as you take that first step outside of your comfort zone and determine to change your life trajectory in any significant way (ie. with effective healing, growth and expansion of your mind and energy), the unconscious mind goes into a tailspin.

A chain of events are set in motion as the unconscious mind calls forth his minions to coerce you back to that safe zone, in a bid to stop you from following any old tracks that could lead to destinations associated with painful past memories.

Adrenaline, cortisol and a whole cocktail of chemical responses are set in motion as the very act of even thinking about some of the crap you’ve survived starts the emotion-thought cycle spinning. And it goes a little something like this…

You recall a distressing event that still holds emotional charge for you > The associated emotion – fear/guilt/grief/shame etc is triggered > You feel more fear/heightened arousal response > Additional fear response triggers associated distressing memories and negative core beliefs.   

Shut it down crew!

Before you know it, the unconscious mind will step in and throw up a barrier in a bid to stop the madness before it starts! BOOM! Up goes the insurmountable obstacle to block your path – an unconscious core belief – which is congruent with that track once more, and next thing, you’re taking three steps back. DO NOT ENTER! Wrong Way! Danger Will Robinson!

Whether you decide to push through that fear, and smash down the barricade to move beyond that first step, and really take your power back…or, whether you choose to listen to the muscle bound, Darryl Downer that is your Unconscious Mind, and stop right there in your tracks, before beating a hasty retreat…there’s something you need to know…

The train just keeps on a-chugging

That train of thought that takes you to where the healing needs to happen…the deep, cavernous recesses of your unconscious you’d rather avoid and your mind thinks it’s protecting you from; the distressing events and associated thoughts that started circling in the deepest recesses of your brain, way back when…are still cutting laps. Today, yesterday, tomorrow…around and around, on that same track…

And they’ll continue…until you decide to do some track maintenance and become the conductor of your life, not just a chaotically careening caboose, or runaway carriage.

Until you recognise that it’s well within your power and capacity to assume control of the neural network that is your mind, and to stop merely surviving the habits of your past, you’ll confront the same problematic patterns time and time again.

You have the potential to become the architect, the master craftsmen of your life. But you’ll struggle to move beyond the emotional clutches of your past, if you cannot get over that fear you’ll likely come up against when you take that very first step.

Why taking action can be so darn tricky

So you see…the choice is yours. When you take that first step, and make the decision that it’s time to change – REALLY time to change – you can bet your caboose that your unconscious mind will stop by for a cuppa and a convo.

He’ll flex his “Doubting Darryl” muscle and try his best to put you back in that little box…the safety zone…where you’re apparently comfortable. But also where you have no real room to grow and expand into your potential. Where you’re stagnating in this feeling of smallness and constriction that’s doing you, and all those you could be better serving in this world, a HUGE disservice.

Sure, you can let him bully you back into submission and your safe space…by all means. But you won’t create the change you’re seeking…you won’t find your magic…within that comfort zone. It’s. Never. There! Trust me…I spent 30 odd years wandering around in there, waiting for the magic to happen.

It wasn’t until I shook off the fear I felt and told my Unconscious, “Sit, down, shut up and strap yourself in Bronweena (apparently that’s the name of my unconscious), because we’re going for a ride!”…that I made the necessary radical changes in my reality.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not diminishing how difficult it is to make that transition from setting the intention to change, to taking conscious action to effect that change.

In Joe Dispenza’s book, You Are the Placebo, he says this conflict of desire versus willingness to act is congruent with the act that many Shamans and Mystics describe as, “the dark night of the soul”.

”Some people call this experience the dark night of the soul. It’s the phoenix igniting itself and burning to ashes. The old self has to die for a new one to be reborn. Of course that feels uncomfortable.”

He adds, “Once we understand that crossing the river of change and feeling that discomfort is actually the biological, neurological, chemical and even genetic death of the old self, we have power over change and we can set our sights on the other side of the river. If we embrace the fact that change is the denaturing of the hardwired circuitry from years of unconsciously thinking the same way, we can cope.”

It’s soooo worth it…And so are you!

So yeah…acts of genuine healing and personal expansion are not always easy. You might find yourself in a merry little dance, taking one step forward and possibly two, three or what seems like 50 steps back a bunch of times. Or maybe just once or twice. The journey is as unique for each one of us, as we are for the journey.

The one common denominator though, is that we must CHOOSE. Whether we choose from a place of habitual reaction triggered by an emotional response to external stimuli, or thoughtful steps congruent with our connection to self.

We can either choose to confront and smash through our fears, walking with assertive purpose into our change and putting “Unconscious Mind Dude” back in his box! Or we can allow him to force us back into ours as soon as we take that first step…stifling and restricting our growth as we remain stagnant in that comfort zone.

3 steps to take to make your first step toward change a success!

1. Don’t forget how far you’ve come. You’re a powerhouse of potential! Think about all you’ve overcome thus far and recognise you can go so much further when you choose to challenge and extend yourself! Shake out those wings and give them a whirl!

2. When you trip over a healer or modality that resonates with you, explore further! It or they have been put in your path for good reason. There are no happy mistakes. The Universe knows what it’s all about.

Empower yourself with information. Speak with people who’ve worked with whatever healer or modality floats your boat. Then you can counter-attack your Unconscious Mind’s thrusts and parries with knowledge! And knowledge is, after all, power!

3. When you feel the fear, recognise and acknowledge it. Understand where it’s coming from. And then talk to it. Give it a name if you have to. Call it Frank. Frank is a pretty benign kind of dude. Frank makes fear a manageable, meek and mild nice guy (no offence to any Franks out there). Frank isn’t a monster hiding in your closet.

The point is, don’t give that Unconscious Mind all of your power. You can actually control what’s happening in there. You can choose to change it. Reprogram it entirely even to do YOUR conscious bidding!

So…take that first step, say hi to Frank for me, and then take another step past his opposition to your action, thereby reclaiming your power to effect that change you’re wanting! Choose Life! Because you are worth it. 

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